Generation Iron is STEALING my videos !

I just wanted to clarify a few things about the situation between Generation Iron and myself. Recently I’ve had several subscribers reach out to me about GI constantly re-posting my videos. They’ve been asking me if I work for GI, if GI had my permission, if GI is paying me, and so on and so forth. So I looked into it and found that GI had re-posted my videos dozens, if not hundreds of times on their website and Facebook feed. When I looked at the videos they re-posted I immediately noticed several thinks that rubbed me the wrong way:

  1. They didn’t give me credit for ANY of the videos they posted of mine.
  2. They were linking my videos to their website, not YouTube, so when you click the video it takes you to their site, and not  YouTube. Which earns them money.
  3. They only used my name ONE time and it was to entirely misrepresent me and my video and put a negative spin on my content.
  4. My main issue is not about revenue or money. But simply the principle that they did not give me credit for ANY of the videos of mine that they used EXCEPT in one video where they tried to throw me under the bus (see link to the video below explaining this)
  5. Some people would argue “Well you’re getting extra views so what’s the problem?” The problem is people think GI is producing the videos and not me. OR they think I work for GI and I’m being compensated for these videos. Neither of which is true. But the way they word their descriptions and titles of my videos, they make it sound like it’s their content. And people commenting direct their comments at GI as if they think GI created the video.
  6. If you Google search my video titles GI’s website comes up first instead of my video. For example search “Scott Steiner’s Chest” which is my most viewed video. GI’s website will come up first before my YouTube video. So they are essentially taking credit for my videos. (see photo below of google search results)

Although embedding YouTube videos on a website in this manner isn’t technically illegal, I think it’s highly unethical and overall it’s just fucked up. Sure, technically you’re allowed to “share” someone else’s content on your site without crediting them, and without their permission, and even with misrepresenting their content. BUT just because it’s technically legal doesn’t mean it’s ok, nor does it mean I should just ignore the fact it’s happening. I work really hard researching, editing, and producing these videos to educate and entertain my subscribers. And GI doesn’t want to do that work, they just want to re-post my videos and get credit as if they had done the work themselves. And that’s the root of my issue with them.

In regards to a specific video they misrepresented see the photo below this paragraph. I had made a video discussing Flex Wheeler’s comeback to the 2017 Olympia. And in that video I evaluated different things that might help or hurt his placings. I tried to be as objective as possible and did not hate on flex at all. Everyone who watched the video agreed with me on that. But when GI shared the video they titled it “Nick’s Strength and Power has some Issues with Flex Wheeler’s Synthol Use!” trying to make it seem like I was some kind of hater. The video wasn’t a hate video about synthol at all it was evaluating his comeback in general. Below I will link the original video and my response video to GI.

Original video:https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=GefSbZNFHZA&t=12s

Response to misleading re-post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky78swZG7Ds&t=1s

My videos have been shared by A LOT of large websites including MAXIM, SportsKeeda, Reddit, and other fitness related websites. On all of those websites I was given credit for creating the video and I was never slandered or misrepresented. So to be clear, I do not have a problem with people sharing my videos on their site. IF they give me credit and don’t try to slander me. In fact I like when people share my videos.

Don’t worry GI I’m not going to sue you. But if you want to compensate me for the all traffic I’ve generated for your website you can email me at NicksStrengthandPower@gmail.com. And if you want to use future videos of mine to generate traffic to your site you can ask my permission and give me credit for creating the content. Maybe we can work something out and clear this up and put it all behind us. For the record I do have a list of every video you have re-posted of mine, the date of the first post, and all the views those videos have generated since that first re-post. The number of potential hit’s I’ve brought you is in the 10’s of millions in my estimation.

Here’s a screenshot of my comment on my video which sums up my main points:

Here is the link to the video:


Here’s some screenshots of videos of mine that have been re-posted by GI:


Here’s some people that share my opinion on GI:

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