60,000 Subscribers, Thank you!

Just noticed today that I have surpassed 60,000 subscribers today. Just wanted to thank all my subscribers for watching my videos and helping me reach this point. My goal of reaching 100k subscribers this year definitely seems to be within reach. I’ve been a long time subscriber of channels like the Health4Thought, Del Rey Misfits, Jason Genova, Massthetics, and several other fitness channels, and now I’m seeing my channel outgrow these channels that I had been following for years. It’s just amazing. Once I passed that 50k mark it seems like I’ve passed up a lot of other channels and my channel gained a lot more legitimacy.

My short term goal is to hit 75k subscribers very very soon. I’ve been watching RX Muscle for literally 5 years, almost religiously. They put so much time, effort, and production value into their channel and Dave has a whole crew on staff working on editing, filming and overall production. Right now RX Muscle has 75k subscribers, so my goal would be to have the same number of subscribers as they do. And hopefully, maybe even pass them up one day.

Thanks again guys,


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