The Scott Steiner Interview

THE Question

If you’re reading this than you probably just watched the Scott Steiner interview. And of course you’re probably wondering why I didn’t ask THE question. Obviously, my whole intention with this interview was to go ask Scott about his chest deformity. I drove 8 hours to get this interview with Scott so obviously I didn’t plan on NOT asking the question. So what’s the deal?

Well, the deal is Scott and I went over the list of questions before the interview. He wanted to approve the questions ahead of time so I didn’t catch him off guard. And frankly, “Why is your chest fucked up?” was not an approved question. So why didn’t I just sneak the question in there once the camera was rolling? Well, earlier that night I literally watched Scott have security force a woman to delete a photo she had taken of Scott with her cellphone because he was charging $10 a pop for photos and she didn’t pay. So honestly, I thought I’d better play it safe so I could at least leave with some kind of interview footage for you guys. I figured the alternative was I piss him off and he makes me erase the video.

Scott was in a pissed off mood all night. The meet and greet event I went to had already run almost 40 minutes late and he was complaining about wanting to leave. And since I waited until the very end of the event to do the interview, he was already running on fumes and I didn’t want to push his buttons. Which is also why the interview is pretty short.

Again, obviously I want the answer to the question as much as you guys do. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to continue to go to these small appearances Scott makes, and I’ll continue to interview him multiple times. Eventually, I’ll try to build up a rapport with him until I can eventually ask THE question about his chest without pissing him off.


Since this is a bodybuilding channel, some of you probably wanted me to ask him about taking steroids. Well, If you search on YouTube he already did an interview where they asked him about GH and Steroids and he claims he never took either. So I didn’t even want to open up that can of worms..

Follow up Interview

The bottom line is most YouTubers just make videos about people they will never have to meet in person. I made a viral video about Scott and I went out to meet him in person and interview him. I’ve never even interviewed anyone before. But not only did I do it once, but to get answers for you guys I’ll do more interviews with Scott until I can ask THE question for you guys. So yes, there will be a follow up interview.



  1. Nick,

    I’m very proud of you for being respectful to BPP. I’ve seen many people try to push his buttons and get a reaction. You did a great job. As for your next big interview, you should look up James Hollywood Henderson, the first man to bench 700 without a shirt, drug-free, and under IPF conditions.

  2. Dude should just come clean about everything. Lol. I think his chest probably seperated from an over buffed up back. Maybe he has most of his androgen receptors concentrated back there… and yeah he takes steroids. It’s impossible to look that way naturally. I think anyone who’s into bodybuilding already knows this though.

    Troll on man.

  3. Great stuff Nick. I love your channel. I have a huge interest in bodybuilding history as well, and REALLY looked up to Scott’s physique when I first started lifting in 98′. He and Buff Bagwell represented two “types” of physiques, with Buff looking a bit more mainstream.

    Did you tell Scott you thought he had the best physique in wrestling history? I agree with you on that sentiment by the way! keep it up brother!


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