Interviewing Scott Steiner

Interviewing Scott Steiner 

So this past weekend I drove down to Owensboro, Kentucky (4 hour drive) to secure an interview with Scott Steiner. The name of the event he was appearing at was called the UCW Royal Resurrection, which is a small independent wrestling organization. Scott also happened to be recovering from surgery so he didn’t wreslte like he was schedule to, he just appeared at the meet and greet and then cut a promo in the ring.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Scott, he’s a professional wrestler who was famous primarily for his time in WCW and the WWE. He was also famous for having one of the best physiques of all time in pro wrestling. His arms are probably the freakiest looking arms in the history of the sport, hence his nickname “Freakzilla”.

When my buddy Zack and I got to the venue in Owensboro we waited maybe 2 hours for Scott to get done interacting with the long line of local fans who had came to buy autographs and photos with Scott. Initially, Scott saw me standing off to the side with my large camera and my tight black NSP shirt and he came up to me thinking I was a security guard and informed me a woman had taken a picture of him without paying for it and he wanted her kicked out if she didn’t delete it. So, my first impression of Scott was not a good one. I relayed what Scott had told me to an actual security guard and I watched them talk to the woman, who also happened to have a young kid with her. It was an uncomfortable situation to watch unfold and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Standing off to the side we also overheard Scott complaining about how long the meet and greet portion of his appearance was going because it apparently was running longer than expected.

After two hours of waiting to interview Scott I finally got the opportunity at the end of the meet and greet when the crowd had cleared out. Before we got started, Scott wanted to go over ever question I was going to ask him before the interview. I’m guessing to make sure I wasn’t going to ask any reckless questions or catch him off guard. So some people may be disappointed with the lack of controversial topics in the interview like steroid use and other controversial bodybuilding aspects of Scott’s career. I had heard past stories about Scott being hard to interview, rude, and easily pissed off, and combined that with the bad mood he seemed to be in and I felt like I needed to tread on eggshells a little bit when we went over the questions.

When the interview started Scott immediately got into character and was really gracious towards me during the interview. He tried to give good answers to all my questions and seemed to throw me a bone a little by taking some shots at the WWE and Triple H. I think Scott knows that those sort of interviews tend to go viral, so I’d like to think  he was trying to “hook me up” by saying those things. During the interview we talked bodybuilding, bodybuilders, workouts, Wrestlemania, the WWE, and a few other topics. The interview is relatively short and I left out some choice questions because like I said, Scott seemed more than ready to leave the event at this point. I didn’t want to be the guy that did a 30 minute interview when Scott was ready to leave 40 minutes ago.

Also, please keep in mind this is my first face to face interview I’ve ever done, so I definitely have some room for improvement on my interviewing skills. I hope you guys enjoy the interview because I did it for you guys. And I went way out of my way to do it. I will be posting the full interview when I hit 50,000 subscribers, as a special thank you gift to you all. But in the meantime, here is the link to some teaser clips from the interview with FREAKZILLA:

  • A special shoutout and thank you to my buddy Zack Turner who made the 8 hour round trip with me to Owensboro and filmed the interview. I really appreciate you helping me out. And thanks in advance to my subscribers, for getting me to 50k. 🙂

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