Natural Mr. Olympia John Hansen

John Hansen is a former Natural Mr. Olympia and Natural Mr. Universe winner. While many YouTubers like to use their platforms to spread hate and negativity towards people whom they deem to be “fake nattys” I decided to make a video giving John props. I believe that John is natural, I’ve been following him for years. I’ve read his book, watched his videos, and seen his competitions. He’s an accomplished advocate for natural bodybuilding and I thought he deserved some recognition. This video I posted went semi-viral, hitting 40,000 views in about 5 hours time. This video also drew a lot of controversy, criticism, and dislikes, from the whiney little cry babies of the internet. There’s a large majority of fitness “trolls” out there who spend all their time trying to discredit anyone who has a better physique than them. And they took it upon themselves to attack me, John, and the video. Personally, I couldn’t care less. The “block” button exists for a reason. I have 32,000 subscribers, and I’m growing at a rate of 1,000 subscribers per day right now. A handful of haters is nothing compared to the tens of thousands of people who enjoy my content. Here is the video:

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  1. Natural Olympia John Hansen gives you his opinion on each competitor, their condition and whether or not they deserved their placings. Do you agree? With pictures from backstage!

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